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Dear Customers and Business Partners,


Several weeks ago, KleenRite® began taking actions to minimize spreading COVID-19 within our team, thereby making efforts to help protect against disruption of our customers’ supply chains. We believe it is our social responsibility to do all we can to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while balancing remaining open to serve our customers and our team. We intend to stay open as long as the government allows and continuing operations remains socially responsible.


In accordance with expert guidance, we've taken action to protect the health and well-being of our associates and customers to control the spread of COVID-19. Specifically, we have implemented the following:


  • Hours of operation: We have closed our business to the public.

  • Facility Cleanings: We have increased the frequency of store cleanings. Hand sanitizers are easily accessible.

  • Employees:  We have been continually communicating to our employees and have posted reminders to follow preventative actions as recommended by the CDC, social distancing, staying home if employees are ill or believe they may be at risk and encouraging appropriate hygiene, such as frequent hand washing.

Our employees are at the heart of our business, and we remain committed to making sure they take care of themselves during this time. Under no circumstances are we requiring any employee to work if they are not comfortable in doing so. Where feasible, we have moved to a work-from-home environment. We've also ceased domestic and international travel for all employees.

We will continue to work closely with government officials and local authorities to ensure our business practices serve the community in the best way possible and will evaluate our options throughout this time period.


Stay healthy,



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