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The Edge 3 is the standard for dynamic carpet cleaning.
With features such as a durable rotationally
molded housing, high capacity solution and waste tanks,
ergonomic design and easy serviceability, you can expect
years of hard work from this machine. Why settle
for less, go with the best, the Edge 3!
  • Details

    Pump: Models available with100 PSI on demand
    diaphragm pump, 200 PSI preset piston pump, 300
    PSI adjustable piston pump, 500 PSI adjustable
    piston pump.
    Vacuum(s): Models available with single 3-stage
    vacuum, dual 2-stage vacuums, or dual 3-stage
    Heater(s): Models available with 500 to 2250
    watt heat exchanger. Preheat option available. Also
    available with 1750 immersion heater. All heaters
    produce 190 degree solution.
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