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KleenRite® Elevate Wand is a durable wand that provides a comfortable working experience and ease of use with its light weight and ergonomic design, weighing just half of a traditional stainless steel floor wand. It features an easy removable Glide system, making changing the use of wand for different jobs easier then ever, whether using the Elevate cleaning or flood model .

KleenRite® Elevate Wand makes using one wand for diverse and long jobs easier then ever, at weighing only 7 pounds and making switching glides as simple as sliding on and off. The included black glide is constructed of a Delrin® material for an easy glide on floors & durability.

KleenRite® Elevate Wand is constructed of a powder coated aluminum vacuum tube, which gives it an further durable design. Then layered with a hammer tone style finish for a nice grip and texture.



Unit: 13” Molded Head

Tube Size: 1.5” or 2"
Weight: 7lbs
Wand Material: Aluminum Glide

Glide Material: Delrin®

Color: Black/Grey


All Package Models include the Squeegee & Glide attachment.

Non-package Models include the Glide attachment.

Elevate Wand

SKU: 20211HPKR
PriceFrom $600.00
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