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The MEGAxl gives you powerful extraction with unmatched durability. With the power of a truck mount and a 63 gpm discharge pump, the MEGAxl is powerful enough to handle the toughest water damage jobs.


Capacity: 15 gallon waste tank if using manual discharge. Unlimited when using auto discharge.

Dimensions: 31”L x 18.5”W x 39”H

Weight: 121 lbs

Compatibility: Water-based solutions only


   - Dual 2-stage high performance


   - Auto discharge pump: 63 gpm true

   - Sealed water lift: 120”

   - CFM: 239

Included Accessories: 

- 25’ x 2” Vacuum Hose

- 50’ x 1.5” Discharge Hose

- 2 Hose Bags

- 2”-to-1 1/2” Reducing Cuff


SKU: 36306
PriceFrom $3,595.00
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