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KleenRite®s Multi Range SPRAYER has a holding capacity of 20 gallons. Featuring an 

adjustable pressure range of 40-200 psi giving the ability and versatility to use different jets. This enables the operator to apply products at different rates on a varity of surfaces. The Multi Range SPRAYER comes with 100’ of solution hose allowing the operator to leave the unit in a central location and cover long distances.


Spray Jets Included:

 - 0033 Jet

     - A precision jet allowing the operator to 

spray surfaces with a fine mist at a 50° spray pattern.*

- 1503 Jet

     - A jet that allows more volume at a 15° 



* 40-80 psi with 0033 jet

     - Countertops

     - Bathroom Partitions

     - Office Partitions

     - Desks and Office chairs


** 100-200 psi with 1503 jet

     - Mats

     - Concrete Floors

     - Walkways

     - Ect.


SKU: 36322
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